How To Uninstall Oovoo

ooVoo is an instant messaging and video chat client and it is used on Windows phone, Microsoft Windows, Mac OX S, Facebook, Android and iOS platforms. The program was founded in 2006 by Clayton L. Mathile and Philippe Schwartz but it was developed by ooVoo LLC and it was released for use in 2007. The application is similar and is often compared to Microsoft’s Skype.

Once a user is signed up into ooVoo, he or she can communicate with other users through instant messaging, video and voice chat. Another amazing feature of ooVoo is its conferencing abilities whereby it enables high quality communication in both voice and video formats with up to twelve locations at the same time.

Once you have ooVoo installed in your personal computer you may desire to uninstall it for one reason or the other. It is important that you are aware that when you uninstall ooVoo from your computer, your account information will not be deleted and you will still be in the database. You may therefore reinstall it and proceed to enjoy the services offered by ooVoo without having to create a new user account.

You can also continue to use the application in your iOS or Android mobile devise even after uninstalling it. This article will inform you on the step by step procedure of how to uninstall ooVoo. The process of deleting ooVoo from both a PC and a Mac shall be looked at.

Uninstalling ooVoo from PC

Windows XP

1. (Depending on the version of windows you have) Go to start
2. Go to the control panel option in your computer
3. Click on “Add or Remove Programs”
4. Trace “ooVoo” on the list of the programs that are listed on the screen and click on “Remove” or “Uninstall” option
5. A confirmation message will be displayed asking you if you intend to proceed to uninstall ooVoo. Click on “Yes”.

Windows Vista

1. Go to start
2. Look for and click on control panel
3. Select the Programs and Features option
4. Click on ooVoo from the displayed list of programs and click on “Remove”
5. When the confirmatory message pops up, click on “Yes” and the uninstalling process will then commence.

Uninstalling ooVoo from Mac

1. Go to your hard drive and select “Application”
2. Trace ooVoo from the available programs and drag and drop the ooVoo icon to the trash
3. Find the ooVoo installer on the desktop and drag and drop it in the trash too.

This is the therefore the process to follow to uninstall ooVoo from your computer. Once you restart your computer the program will no longer be available for use in your computer and if you require it again you will have to download and reinstall it. Since ooVoo can also be used through smartphones, a user can still access his or her account through their phones even after uninstalling it from the computer.

The process of deleting applications from the smartphones can be used to remove the application if the user wishes to remove it from his or her phone. This process of deleting applications, however, varies in the different smartphones as it depends on the operating system available.