How To Uninstall Oovoo Toolbar

Free downloads promote the Oovoo toolbar. Once installed, Oovoo alters your homepage and search engine. There is no need to keep the software that you are not using. If you feel the program is unwanted, there is a simple, systematic process for how to uninstall Oovoo toolbar.

1. On the start menu, go to the control panel by looking through the horizontal list of items. If this takes time, just type in ‘control panel’ on the search bar. For Windows 8, right- click the bottom left corner of your screen.

2. On the control panel, look up programs. Depending on your operating system, do the following:

(a) In Windows XP, click Add or Remove Programs

(b) In Windows 7 or 8, click Uninstall a program

3. Scroll down until you get to the Oovoo toolbar (remove toolbar only). Click on this. Depending on the window, do either of the following:

(a) For Windows Vista, 7&8, Click Uninstall. Do this by double-clicking on the provided option.

(b) For Windows XP, Click the Remove or Change/Remove tab located to the right of the program.

4. Follow the prompts to uninstall. If the toolbar is in use while you uninstall, the process will not work, and you will have to go back to the program using it, probably the browser, and close it. Similarly, if another program is in the process of uninstalling, you will have to wait to line up the uninstallation of Oovoo. Once the toolbar starts uninstalling, a progress report will show you how long the process will take and how much time you have left until the end.

5. Once the Uninstall is complete, you can exit the programs console. To make sure that these changes have gone through, restart your computer.

6. If the icon does not disappear from your desktop and task bar, just delete it manually from your desktop and the registry.

– Alternative Solutions

(a) If the Uninstallation does not work, go online, download and install Microsoft’s uninstall fixer utility that will help fix problems with programs that you cannot uninstall. You can obtain this application from Microsoft support forums online.

(b) Another idea would be to go online and download the Oovoo toolbar remover on to your system. Run it.This piece of software will uninstall the toolbar without installing itself. Once you are through, restart your system to allow changes to take place.

– Resetting Your Browser

As indicated earlier, the Oovoo toolbar modifies your browser, installing itself on the browser’s menu. It also changes your default search engine to After removing the toolbar, you will need to reset your browsers settings to toolbars of your choice. You will also need to change the homepage and default search engine.

Different browsers have different ways of modifying:

(a) Mozilla Firefox: Go to the icon, click the help menu and reset it. After the process is complete, click finish. Restart the browser.

(b) Chrome: Select search and go to manage search engines. Choose a new default search engine and restart Chrome.

(c) Internets Explorer: Here, go to the tools option and click internet options. On the Advanced tab, click Reset. If you would also like to remove accelerators and homepages, delete the personal settings box. When you are through, click OK, exit and restart Explorer.