How To Unblock Someone On Oovoo

Oovoo is one of the most popular video chat services we have right now. If you don’t know it yet, Oovoo works more or less like Skype.

Managing your contacts on this application is very important. Apart from giving you the ability to block certain users, the application also allows you to unblock them at choice on any device. In this article, we describe the steps you should use to unblock someone on oovoo on iOs, PC, Windows phones, and Android powered devices.

How to unblock someone in oovoo on iOs devices

If you are the proud owner of an iPhone or any other Apple device with the iOs operating system, you can unblock them from the Oovoo application by following these steps:

• First, add the person’s contact details on your iOs powered device whether it’s an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, etc. unless you still keep their contact details. Once you have done this, move to open the application dashboard. Note that you will have to invite them again before you can unblock them.

• Tap on the display on Oovoo and move to settings.

• From the privacy and security tab, you will find the list of contacts you have blocked; find the one you have blocked and click on unblock.

• Tap on the done button after you have finished saving the changes you have made in your account.

How to unblock someone on Ovoo in Android devices

If you own an android powered device, you can manage your blocked user list however you want it. Follow these steps to unblock users on oovoo for android:

• Check for the contact details of the blocked party on your device and add them in your contacts if you had removed them (note that it’s mandatory for you have someone in your contact list before you can unblock them).

• Once you have them in your contact list, tap on your display icon and move over to the “settings” section which is on the upper right corner of the screen.

• Go to the privacy and security section within settings

• Scroll down to find the blocked persons list; open it.

• Tap on the blocked persons’ contact; click on the white circle icon to unblock them

How to unblock someone on Oovoo on PC

PC users can unblock oovoo users by following these following steps:

• Click on your contact list to ensure that whoever you want to unblock exists; if they don’t exist, you have to invite them first before you can proceed with these steps.

• Once this is done, click on the dropdown menu to find their name in your contact list.

• See the dropdown next to their name and select unblock.

Alternatively, unblock someone on PC by going to the Actions menu where the unblock option also exists.

Unblock someone on a Windows phone

Follow these steps to unblock someone in Oovoo on windows phones:

Start by swiping to your friend list to find the username of the blocked contact. Like the others, you must add and re-invite a contact you had removed.

You can unblock the user through the privacy and security settings button where the blocked contacts are.